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Why use accounting tools to run your business? No need of software or accounts knowledge.
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Business Central

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An evolutionary Business Solution. At Business Central we enable businesses with effective technology where information is on-line and business can communicate, conduct commerce and securely access the information they need from anywhere at any time. We strive to provide a best in class solution backed by 24/7 Customer Care for a low monthly fee that is easy on your business expense. No installation, hidden charges or contracts.

Secure and Scalable solution in a high performance environment

Gain Insight and Drive Business Efficiency

Powerful Business Management Solution increases your profits. Get instant access to customer, transactional and other data. Keep track of your cash flow to be profitable. Give your business the required advantage to be efficient.

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Everything for

Business on the Go.

Your Business at your fingertips...

  • Use "BusinessCentral" to maximise your profits
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  • Access information any time anywhere
  • Integrated Solution
  • Daily 'Your Day' SMS
  • Up to the minute information
  • Monitor cash flow in real time
  • No multiple entries
  • Automated Dashboards
  • Free E-Commerce Website

Grow an efficient and profitable business. Spend less time on manual processes.

Work Smart. Included out of the box e-commerce webstore gets you more business.
No need to pay commissions.

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How do we compare with others?

  • I need a software for my Business, not just for Accounting, Invoicing or Inventory.

    I need an Integrated system that does not take all the time in the world-one entry updates all...(Accounting, Inventory, Collections, reminders).

  • Interesting, User friendly screens

    My computer knowledge is limited to browsing & mailing. I am not well versed with Accounts or Computers. It would be great if I could still use this application

  • Anytime,Anywhere in the true sense

    I need my Business data anytime, anywhere-in meeting with Supplier, Customer, In the marketplace to compare quotes from supplier, Compare pricing that competitor is quoting in the market. This is so that I can confidently take informed decisions -I want to access my data from any System/browser at the office, in the market or @ home.

  • I need something that is easy on my pocket

    I don't want to spend money on dedicated servers, networking, LAN, daily /weekly back up. Only if I could avoid so much of cost on hardware and services. Something that is easy on my pocket

  • My business data is highly confidential

    List of customer, supplier, product, Pricing, offers is all extremely confidential. It has to be highly Secure.

  • My Tax Consultant/Chartered Accountant

    Needs to re-iterate that this software is suitable for my business

  • Update Software Faster

    I know cloud services(web-based) can update software faster than small offices with several computers

  • Do It Yourself

    I want to be hands-on with my business.I want to access and interpret data and be informed 100% about it

  • No individual modules

    I want a software which has all data related aspects that is required to run a company, not simply the accounts or inventory

  • Ready Teams

    Want ready teams, I should also be able to use the software or train a new joinee very quickly & easily (Generally,its cumbersome to hire, train, maintain and retain newemployees)

  • 24x7 - Company Support

    We are available round the clock to support you, Anytime assistance from the company (24x7) Support

  • E - Commerce

    I desire to have a website of my own but it should be an Inexpensive Point-of-Sale Technology [E-commerce]

  • Automated data back-up

    My data is precious and I cannot afford to lose it, do not want to spend time & effort on backup.

  • No Trivial, Only Vital

    Mine is a small business and don't need all this in a software, need it simple;No trivial many, only vital few

  • Easy to Maintain Accounts

    I do not understand technical(computer related) / functional(accounts,sales,service) and will not be able to make or maintain data. The simplest is desired

  • Processed & Ready Financial Reports

    Processed & Ready financial reports that my CA/TC can just copy & paste essential data during filing

  • Easy Calculation and Customization

    My business is a little different and requires specific calculations, need to customize

  • I do not want to pay customization charges for every little thing I want to get done
  • Hands on with Customer life cycle, would like to tune myself based on the consumer behavior, improve customer relations and even decide if I should continue relations with him
  • Look smart and build brand image, based on analytics, communications(mails/sms)
  • Enjoy competitive advantage-always do better than competition
  • Pricing to be affordable
  • I am outsourcing all related activities like transportation and would not want to maintain my infrastructure in terms of maintaining hardware capacity, network and live everyday with fear of a hard disk it possible in your software
  • I have different branches in this city and in other cities too. I would like to be hands on with the operations in all the branches
  • My stocks get rotated between the godowns/shops, I need to know where exactly is my stock lying
  • Everytime my "accountant" is not available, either when he is on leave/quits, I am handicapped. I want o use something that can be used by anybody...
  • I would prefer to be in the market, in front of the customer than in the office,monitoring the sales/service guys...
  • Companies show a low-cost software but with every essential feature, there is an added additional cost. I need a software that is truly LOW COST, rather no additional & hidden charges
  • I need help with my cash flow all the time: Something that will help me with all details with minimal efforts
  • It is difficult to retain people, I know only to manage a mail id, is it possible for me to manage this software.
  • I want to do all VAT calculations in the same invoice, not different invoices for different VAT items
  • I want to give product-wise discount with auto-calculation
  • I need to send SMS to my customers, is it possible to do it from your app
  • need to send attachment of designs with mail
  • Need to see margins in the same page so that he can decide on the best price that can be given to the customer
  • Inventory management works for trading
  • Inventory management works for manufacturing
  • Single click email statement to customer

  • Other Offine Softwares

  • Other Online Softwares

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