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Simple, easy to use features that help your Business by,

Managing receivables, Reduce inventory, Increase profits from your transactions
and paying your employees & Suppliers efficiently

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Activity Calendar

This amazing tool helps list and organize the daily business activities in the automated calendar. Collections, Invoices, Deliveries, Meetings due for the day get listed on the respective dates in the calendar automatically. Focus on your priorities with the Colour codes on activities.

Instant Dashboards

Realtime information on-demand helps businesses use that information and make smart decisions. This progress report is available in a single sheet eliminating the need for you to go to multiple spreadsheets & dependency on people. All that is required is entry of your transactional data and we will give you real-time meaningful reports.

Daily SMS

Get rid of listing, pondering, struggling for information regarding your Billing & Collections every morning. You don't even have to depend on anyone for this information. Wake up every morning to a brief, crisp and powerful SMS on your registered mobile number with information on activities like Collection, Invoices, Deliveries, Meetings for "Today". All this is automated based on your transactional information. No need to reenter the data. So go ahead and enjoy your morning jogs and breakfast time with your family because we ensure that your Schedule for the day is at your finger tips.

Instant E-Commerce

Besides the already existing challenges of a Micro & Small Business, Sourcing a domain service provider, creating & maintaining a website is a limitation in itself. With Business Central, you can highlight your Company in the market. E-commerce enable your Business and Feature your Products and Services, Pricing, Offers. You can schedule your offers for limited period after which, the campaign automatically drops off. Build your Brand image, impress your market and enjoy competitive advantage.

Customers Order Online

Customer order online only
Faster buying/selling procedure, as well as easy to find products.
Your Business is enabled for buying/selling 24/7.
More reach to customers, there is no theoretical geographic limitations.
Low operational costs and better quality of services.
No need of physical company set-ups.
Easy to start and manage a business.
Customers can easily purchase products from your offerings without having to wait for you to open your doors.

Customer Supplier Dashboard

customer dash board
What is your customers buying pattern
How many Quotes Vs Sales order have been processed
Does the customer pay on time
How to push the customer to do more business
Find all the answers to the above questions and Know Your Customer through the automated Customer Dashboard With no additional entries required, this gets organized while the Quote / Invoice /Purchase Order is generated Likewise is the Supplier Dashboard

Reports & Graphs

report graphs
Our Business Intelligence tool uses the minimal entries and presents information in an Intelligent & meaningful manner.
You neither have to depend on someone nor spend time on analyzing numbers.
Reports & Graphs simplify and improve business information and display it in the form of Tables & Graphs, thus enable you to make smart decisions

Data Backups

data backup
We have partnered with the World-class Data centre & Global Cloud Service Provider-Wowrack Data Solutions.
This means the data is secure with a professionally managed, robust & dedicated data centre.
Your data is saved regularly in an automated manner all of it in a scalable & secure high performance environment - one more crucial task you need not worry about.

Configure Taxes for Order

daily sms
In case of a small business, minimizing the tax liability means more money available for expenses, investment, or growth. Thus working capital can be increased with good tax planning. Additional expenses results only incurs tax deduction. While purchasing prior to the end of the tax year can be a valuable tax planning strategy, making unnecessary purchases is not recommended. Business Central facilitates settings for the taxes as well so that it can be instantly handled by you and not having to wait for an update.

Tax Reports

tax reports
VAT,CST, Excise Duty, Discount, Purchase Tax & Sales Tax are all available in a comprehensive report . These are available realtime for you to plug-in during your tax filing process
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